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PowerPoint Presentation As Smart Intro

by UPresentation | 2016-07-12
PowerPoint Presentation As Smart Intro

Are you working on your Smart Introduction? The best tool you can find is PowerPoint presentation. However, you should take care about the settings. When you are going to meet a business partner or a new prospective client for the first time, most probably you will try to divulge into PowerPoint slides “About us” in order to legitimize you or your company. The section “About us” aims to tell people the main information about the company, why it deserves attention and why partners/clients have been invited to the meeting. But you should understand one thing, if people came to listen to your presentation it means that they already know you or your company. So, you should find out what a smart introduction means and the way you should give it. The challenge is to connect your section “About us” to the section “About the client/partner”. A professional introduction made in PowerPoint should be quite short, engaging and simple.

How long should your smart introduction be?

The time for your introduction is very important. Most presenters make long introductions. They expect people to come on time. However, when people are late, the presenter has to cut his or her PowerPoint introduction presentation and end up with ten minutes instead of prepared sixty. Do you consider your PowerPoint presentation time is smart enough? Are you ready for some improvisation such as cutting your intro double short? Situations may be unexpected and you have to be ready act without any stress and go faster than a fast train.

PowerPoint slides with dual purpose

Your potential business partner/client wants to have your PowerPoint slides and at the same time they care about saving their time. Let’s say you have inserted too much Intro on PowerPoint slides. Such presentations are too long. So what can you do? It is recommended to have a pre-made handout template with all detailed information about your company and services you provide. Make sure that you have a high-quality printed version. Once it is done you can concentrate on presenting shortly and professionally focusing on PowerPoint slides which are not overloaded with text content.

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